Dubai Crisis & Peak Oil

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Just found this small telling bit on Dubai Crisis and Peak oil at a blog called Aleklett’s Energy Mix.  It says………..

One year ago I was preparing the article ”Aviation fuel and future oil production scenarios”, (now published in Energy Policy) och i in November 2008 I was invited by IATA to Shanghai to a conference on the future of aviation fuel. In my presentation I discussed tourist aviation in the future and I mentioned that nations that invest heavily in expansion of air tourism, e.g. Dubai, would have considerable problems.

The company Dubai World is completely dependent on tourist travel to Dubai. The investments in projects such as artificial islands (shaped, among other things, to form a map of the world) and gigantic skyscrapers, were meant to be inhabited by rich tourists and business people that travel to Dubai by air. Even if the neighbouring emirate, Abu Dhabi, that has oil and money, gives new guarantees for Dubai’s debt, the fact remains that Peak Oil means that aviation cannot expand in future.

The investments that have been made in Dubai are based on prognoses similar to those that the International Energy Agency (IEA) makes every year. In this case what is important is not the latest edition of World Energy Outlook but the prognoses made 5 years ago. In 2004 the IEA considered that oil production in 2030 would be over 120 million barrels per day. The reality that we have now published in Energy Policy in our article The Peak Of The Oil Age is a maximal production of 75 million barrels per day in 2030.

In the future we will probably see many mistaken investments based on the overoptimistic prognoses from the IEA. The question is whether Dubai will be first of a long list.


Pablo's First Original Joke

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Zayn was teaching Pablo environmental education.  Pablo was restless as usual and shifting his chair all the time on our wooden floor.   Zayn shouted at him to stop that as he was scratching the floor.

To which Pablo protested, ” Arrey first you were teaching me environmental education and now you are teaching me flooriculture!!!”


Panther or Bear Pug Mark

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Bear Pug Mark - 0056

The second day after record breaking rains in Coonoor and Nilgiris we stepped out to check the damages.  Fallen boulder just at our entrance blocking the road so no driving out for a while, several cracks in our walls and in the earth and roads where it was softened enough to move.  While we were prowling for such signs near our lower cottage we came across these pug marks in the soft soil.  First we thought they were panther pug marks but then Tina pointed out some kind of mark in the centre in the front of the pug mark.  Could be a bear but where are the other nail marks.  Still trying to figure that out.  The heavy rain had upset the animals a bit too it seems as we saw a huge owl in the day time.  Tried taking a photo with my iphone but failing light and no zoom so only I can make out that dark shape on the branch is an owl so no point putting it here.


Bear Spotted on Acres Wild

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A bear was spotted this morning by the workers working on the lower cottage.  I just got to hear about it late in the evening.  Will get the finer details from them tomorrow and add here like the color and size and what it was doing etc.


Windmills – History and Future

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Came across this very interesting article on the history of windmills. It is important at this point of time to get some perspective on what they have already been doing in the past and so what to expect etc.  Read complete article here.

Wind powered factories: history (and future) of industrial windmills

by Kris De Decker

Windmill history 1

In the 1930s and 1940s, decades after steam engines had made wind power obsolete, Dutch researchers obstinately kept improving the – already very sophisticated – traditional windmill. The results were spectacular, and there is no doubt that today an army of ecogeeks could improve them even further. Would it make sense to revive the industrial windmill and again convert kinetic energy directly into mechanical energy?

Read the complete article here.


It's Farmville for Real!

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An article in India Today by Preetha Nair on families like ours who gave up an urban life for one on a farm.

Read the article at  It’s Farmville for Real.


Bison and Goat

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Another post on the Farm and Wild Series. A bison checks out the audacity of our goat as it grazes in their territory.

Bison and Goat


Farming Time for Flintstones

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Pablo Works on Vegetable Patch

Pablo works on Vegetable Patch

Zayn works on Vegetable Patch 2

Zayn works on vegetable Patch

Rhea works on Vegetable Patch

Rhea works on Vegetable Patch


Wild Boar and Cow

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One more in our Farm & Wild Series.  This happy Eid morning Tina, her niece Anjali and husband Russel and I were sitting in the porch of the Lower Cottage.  In the marshy area below we spotted a wild boar that spent a long time grazing along with our cows.   Luckily Russel had his camera and we caught this nice moment of co-existence.  This has inspired me to make a Farm And Wild Series.  We already have two others that are posted earlier in this blog.  One is Cow and Bison.  The other is Cow and Elephant.  Check them out if you have not already.

Wild Boar and Cow - 1427 - Cropped


Sad Departure for Elephant

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Finally it had to be done.  The forest officials had to administer a tranquiliser first and once over-powered, the elephant was loaded onto a specially prepared truck to be taken back to the forests lower in the plains – maybe Madhumalai.  The poor beast was looking haggard and weak but put up a small token resistance before entering the truck by digging his snout into the side and avoiding being pushed in for a while.  I am sure he will recover soon once he reaches his home-ground but I am also sure he will come back with the herd and many more in the years to come.   At Acres Wild they are welcome though we have to learn how to co-exist while they are around.

Elephant chained

Drugged and chained.

Elephant being pulled towards truck

Elephant being pulled towards truck.

Elephant resisting going into truck

Last bit of resistance to enter truck.

Elephant being pushed into truck

Some pushing needed to get him in the truck.