Summer Camp for Kids visits Acres Wild

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Holiday Adventures is a venture by Mr Dhanabal and his wife.  They organise Summer Camps for kids from Coimbatore.  So they thought it was a good idea to bring a bunch of 20 children to our farm.  The pond and ducks and geese and goats were much appreciated but I think what went fastest was the cheese!


Montaut cooks for us

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Our farmstay guest and first cheesemaking course student Montaut Henderson treated us on his last night here with a bake.  It was a treat – one of the best bakes I have had.  It had a subtle flavour and lots of potatoes and pasta.

“Some goats, a cow and a labrador watch solemnly as we holler out for the Acres Wild people. Already well-known for the cheese they make, they have now opened up their farm to people who want to share their love for the good earth.”

Read further what Pankaja Srinivasan has to say about Acres Wild Farmstay in The Hindu, Metroplus.


Hebron School Parents visit Acres Wild

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Acres Wild hosted a quick cheesemaking tour for the parents of girls from Hebron School, Ooty. It was quite a group as over a 100 enthusiastic cheese lovers arrived this morning and we took them through all the aspects of our farm. There was great interest as many were from farming and outdoor backgrounds and questions were fired at rapid pace. Cheesetasting came last and……… it was a hit.  We served our Smoked Gouda, Smoke Monterey Jack and Herb & Garlic soft cheese.  The winner was our Herb & Garlic soft cheese. We were flooded with requests to sell cheese.


Hebron School Girls Farm Visit

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About 60 school girls from Hebron Girls School, Ooty arrived at our farm accompanied by about 10 teachers.  I am sure they were not clear as to what they should expect of the trip.  But once things warmed up I could see that they were really getting into it.

Most of them were excited at the prospect of milking a cow.  None had tried it before of course.

Some were successful and it showed!

The teachers decided to check out our adobe bricks and tested the weight and strength.  It passed their approval.

They were introduced to Gobar Gas plants and their principles, adobe brickmaking, water harvesting techniques and solar water heating.  Then finally saw the cheese cottage, cheesemaking demo and finally tasted the cheese.  Must say it was a huge success and all of us had a good time.



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Once more the magic tree worked.  It was late evening and I was talking to someone when we heard a ‘pecking’ sound on wood.  Now what else could it be.  And in the fading light I saw this woodpecker on the same dry tree near my window.  I rushed to get the camera hoping that technology would handle the poor light conditions.  Luckily it did and here is the shot.


Barking Deer at Acres Wild

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I had seen this kind of deer a couple of times in Acres Wild but was not ready with a camera. the first time I mistook it for one of our goats.  After getting it on camera I did a bit of research and realised that it is a barking deer, also known as Kakad or Muntjac.

Now I remember the instance when a family that works with us was staying here at the farm at night.  They got scared by this barking sound and thought that it was some pranksters trying to scare them.  It all makes sense now.


2 Day Cheesemaking Course at Acres Wild

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If you have been watching Cheese Slices television program that comes on Travel & Living, then I am sure you are tempted to explore the exciting world of making gourmet cheeses at home.  You can learn how to make gourmet cheese in just 2 days by taking our compact 2 day cheesemaking course at Acres Wild Cheesemaking Farmstay.

If you want to learn how to make more cheeses then you can add additional days – one day per cheese you would like to learn.

This cheesemaking course is available only to guests who stay in our farmstay.  Guests have to inform us at the time of booking the farmstay room if they are interested in taking a course as we have to make prior arrangements.

For your information, all our cheeses are vegetarian as they are made using microbial coagulant and not rennet.

Some points about our cheesemaking course.

  • The course is fairly intense as a lot is fitted into 2 days.  Most people have only weekends for a break.
  • The course is offered only to our farmstay guests – you should be staying here at our farmstay.
  • You learn the theory and make your own cheese.  Two kinds.  These you can take home with you.
  • Course can be extended depending upon the number of cheeses that you want to learn.

For complete details please go to the Cheesemaking Course


Long-tailed Shrike.

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There is this dead tree opposite our farmhouse that has proved to be a great spot for getting good photos of small birds. The birds stand out very clearly as there are no leaves. Also it is outside my window and I can run out with a camera at a moments notice. Here I managed to get a long-tailed shrike in a pretty good pose.


Farmstay Launch

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We are set to start our farmstay accommodation from 1 April this summer season.  Above is the Tea Garden cottage which is a 2 bedroom cottage.  Below is the First Cottage, a small self contained one room unit. Full details are on our Farmstay Page.