The very popular TV program, ‘Highway on my Plate’ decided to cover our cheesemaking and farm. it was a pleasure working with Prashant, the director and his team of anchors Rocky and Mayur and the crew. The whole atmosphere was light and breezy as we did a shoot mainly covering our cheesemaking activity. Here we see them setting up the cheese platter pack shot.

The Crew of 'Highway on a Plate'. Director Prashant in foreground left, Mayur and Rocky with Tina.


Hebron Principal visits Acres Wild

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Demo for the school principal of Hebron Girls School, Ooty, Nilgiris

Cheesemaking Tour for Principal of Hebron Girls School, Ooty.

We were pleasantly surprised the other day when I got a call from the Principal of Hebron Girls School in Ooty, Mr Mark. He was keen to visit our farm and so he did with his wife Lyn. It was a pleasure showing them around and they showed great interest in sending their students here for various activities that we have promised to flesh out.  Yes we are excited that more schools are showing interest in sending their students here. Great fun for us too. Here they are checking out our Cheesemaking Cottage.


Final Group photo of Mallya Aditi Kids

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And the final photo of the complete group of students. I would say they look happy enough 🙂 That is the end of string of posts on Mallya Aditi International School Trip. Onto new things next time.


Aditi Mallya School Trip to Earth Trust

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Demo of Bio-dynamic farming and permaculture for school kids

Vania, found of Earth Trust, Ooty give a talk to Aditi Mallya kids

The second day we took the Aditi Mallya kids to Earth Trust in Ooty for a practical demo of Bio-dynamic farming and permaculture principles. Mr Mohan there initiated them with first a film on the horrifix hazards of chemical farming on land and people. Here we see Vania, the founder of the NGO, giving a very inspiring talk to the kids.


Spreading the Compost

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Practices in organic farming.

Spreading compost on a freshly prepared raised vegetabel bed.

The kids from Aditi Mallya seen here, crumbling and spreading the compost on the raised vegetable bed. This was the real test and after the initial hesitation the kids realized that compost does not kill you. In fact it even smells great.


Preparing raised vegetable beds

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Methods in Organic Farming

Preparing a raised vegetable bed was the next part of the exercise for the kids from Aditi Mallya International School.   This as we explained, was to help drainage as we get heavy rains here. Also one can let the slurry flow in the troughs.


Aditi School kids spreading the compost

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Learning to use compost for preparing vegetable beds

Sir, Please could I have some more!

The next activity for the Aditi Mallya International School kids was to collect and spread the compost to the beds that were prepared by the kids themselves for planting vegetables.  The initial reaction was, as you can imagine, one of disgust. But by the end of it they were happy crumbling the compost and spreading it with their hands.


Aditi Mallya School visits Acres Wild

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Urban Kids get a chance to explore Farm events

Is this for real?

So this is what we had been preparing for, for the the last 3 weeks – a group of 28 students from Aditi Mallya International School, Bangalore, to visit us for a 3 night camp trip. I must admit that despite our deepest apprehensions, our first day was a resounding success – mostly because of the spirit of the teachers and children. Here is a starting photo of the kids getting into an opening session of…………. bathing the cows!!!

Cheesmaking Classes go on

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Acres Wild Cheesmaking Course

Avril and Vanessa stir the curd.

With all the wild-life chaos going on we still go on with our cheesemaking course. The latest students are Avril and Vanessa from Mumbai. They did a 2-day course and learned how to make 4 types of cheeses. They were accompanied by Vanessa’s husband, Ivo, who says he will make sure they go back and actually make cheese – so he can eat it.


Electric Fence – Will it help?

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Protection Electric Fence from Elephants

Temporary Electric Fence around our Farmhouse

We swung into action to protect ourselves and thanks to our very decisive and resourceful neighbour, Kasim Seth (we bought the land from his family), we had a make-shift electric fence ready by evening. Here it is and we felt much safer whether it may really work on not we don’t know. One night with no sign of elephants but they are still just above.