Acres Wild Cheese hits out!

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Acres Wild makes a statement from our main outlet which is in Coonoor of course. Cedrik of Baker’s Junction who originally launched our cheese decided to buy a grand 3 door fridge and we made him an offer he could not refuse. Check it out in the photo below.


Turkey Eggs

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Our new batch of turkeys have surprised us.   Just found 2 eggs yesterday morning in their coup.  Next trick is to see who is going to hatch them.  May have to rely on our hens like we did a lot of times with our duck and geese eggs.


Japan disaster & Peak Oil

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Here is an interesting article called ‘What the Japan disaster tells us about Peak Oil’.    For many people who find it hard to visualise how vulnerable our energy dependant world is, this is a real-life example of the implications.  Not all of them are directly due to peak oil of course but the effect of a reducing oil supply is evident.

Read the article at http://www.guardian.co.uk/environment/2011/apr/04/japan-disaster-peak-oil

Would like to introduce an excellent blog to all who would care to get a more complete grip on what is unfurling in the age of Peak Oil. This is a blog by John Michael Greer also known as The Archdruid, because he is one.

Do read his latest blog entry to sum up the current global situation and how it is linked. http://thearchdruidreport.blogspot.com/2011/03/limits-of-incantation.html


Our cheese at Bandra Wine Tasting Festival

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Bandra Wine Tasting Festival 2010

Poster of Bandra Wine Tasting Festival 2010. Acres Wild Cheeses were exhibited too.

The 2nd Annual Bandra Wine Tasting Festival is today and tomorrow ie 30th and 31st Oct at D’Monte Recreational Club, Bandra (W) which is right next to Bandra Gym.   Our cheeses are featured there but pity we cannot be there to check out the response etc. But just in case any of you can make it.  Would appreciate a photo of our setup there and the poster if you manage to go there.  Here is the link http://www.bandrawinefestival.in/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=60%3Afood-court&catid=35%3Ayouphotos


Baked Jalepenos & Barbeque

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Jalepenos Stuffed with Cream Cheese and Molasses

Jalepenos Stuffed with Cream Cheese and Molasses

Our recent farmstay guests Cherry and Yashesh who were doing a cheese course with us suddenly had a bright idea to have a barbeque. So we tested our central fireplace in our living room to double as a barbeque. This we had in mind by design but it was not really tested. Tina also decided to bake the Jalepenos that were cut and stuffed with our cream cheese and some molasses.

Barbeque with our Farmstay Guests

Yashesh and Tina handle the barbeque.


Jalepenos ripens at Acres Wild

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First crop of jalepenos grown at Acres Wild Farm

So jalepenos can grow here in Nilgiris!

We got a very small crop of jalepenos that grew from some seeds that a friend, Aline from France, sent us a while back.   They smell very good and am looking forward to tasting them.   The sad part was that not too many of the seeds she sent germinated but I am willing to give it another shot.    Aline are you reading this 🙂


Acres Wild T-Shirts are here!!

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Farm Fashions with T-shirts of our cheesemaking farm in Coonoor

Acres Wild T-shirt Collection

We finally gave into our college-day desires to have our own T-shirts. Yes, we have printed Acres Wild T-shirts and………. here is a sample of 2 of them. They are in 3 styles with 5 colors each. Styles are Men’s Polo, Mens Round Neck and Ladies Round neck. Prices are Rs 300/-, Rs 250/- and Rs 220/- respectively. Photos are of Men’s Round Neck.

Men's Round Neck T-shirts from Acres Wild Cheesemaking Farmstay

Men's Round Neck T-shirts - Black and Grey


Acres Blue – Our first batch of Blue Cheese

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Blue Cheese - Gourmet Cheeses at Acres Wild Cheesemaking Farmstay

Our first batch of Blue Cheese at Acres Wild Cheesemaking Farmstay

Tina has finally come up with our first batch of blue cheese. She felt that she had not put enough blue mold and that the cheese should have been deeper etc. But honestly it was deep enough for me. Pablo and I enjoyed it and now to get some opinion from some cheese lovers around Coonoor.


Acres Wild gets Jet Wings!

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Acres Wild Farm is featured in Jet Wings International the inflight magazine of Jet Airways which will be on board for September month flights. The article is ‘Lend a Farm Hand’ by Brinda Suri and is on page 42 in case you are on a Jet Airways flight and have run out of all ways to entertain yourself 🙂 Here is the cover.

Article on Acres Wild in Jet Wings - Jet Airways Inflight Magazine

Cover of the Sept issue of Jet Wings Magazine

The Issue of Jet Wings with article on Acres Wild Farm