Elephant and Cows

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This is a classic one in our Farm & Wild Series.  Later we all settled down after the hair-raising episode and got used to the elephant feeding at a distance.  At one point it decided to check out some greens on our side of the fence and poked it’s nose thru our electric fence to eat some fresh grass that we have planted for our cows.  Not happy with the reach of its trunk it simply stepped thru the electric fence and ate to it’s hearts content along with our cows.  I don’t think the cows realised that something new was happening.

Elephant and Cow


Elephant Attack

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The next day we were told that the rest of the herd had moved on somewhere else leaving the biggest male calf behind.  This may be a natural part of their life cycle that the male moves away when it reaches maturity.  Anyway this male calf, was loitering within our farm and the land next to us for the day.  We were watching its pattern as it ate grass and explored the neighbours shed and walked in and out at will.

Then around noon we heard  a lot of shouts and screams.  We were near the cheese cottage that is poised opposite the slope where the elephant was so we had a birds eye view of what was happening.  The elephant had decided that it had had enough of the tea pickers and other workers in our neighbours plot and was chasing them and they were running for their life.  Then he changed his tack and went for a single tea-picking woman with a vengeance.  Roughly at this point I got my act together and started clicking with full zoom hoping the photos were not too blurred.

Elephant Chasing Woman 1 - Cropped

Just then the woman who was making her escape thru the tea bushes fell and disappeared out of sight under the bushes.   The elephant came within 5 to 10 feet from here and started pushing the bushes aside with his snout to find her.  We all thought she was done for when she suddenly got up and starting running again.  The elephant took a few seconds to react then chased her again jumping down an embankment that she had managed to cross safely a few seconds earlier (see photos).

Elephant chasing Woman 2 - Cropped

Luckily there were a lot of workers, carpenters, masons etc working on our land and they were making a big racket and this deterred the elephant finally and it reluctantly turned around and sauntered back up to continue its feeding and the woman ran to safety into our side of the fence.  We were all relieved and much wiser about the reality of an elephant charge.   There was no doubt in anyone’s mind that we had witnessed a near-death situation.  Had it been one of the older woman who work there she may not have got away.


Close Encounter of the Herd Kind

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Our first night at the farm where we moved PC and all and we decided to go back to the main house around 8:30pm to get some stuff that Pablo needed to go to school the next day.  On our way back just as we entered the private road that leads finally to Acres Wild, we heard a lot of shouting and whistling. I thought it was our neighbours, the Saits having a good time and continued.  A second later as we came around the corner 3 large figure loomed barely 80 feet ahead in the headlight in the middle of the road.  They were the 2 big female elephants and one of the calves.  Luckily they were headed in the same direction and so did not react to the headlights immediately.  I put off the headlights and started rolling the car back.   I was later told that putting of the headlights is not a good idea.  Still to figure that out.
Anyway we waited in the car and the Sait clan (from who I have bought the land for Acres Wild) were most helpful and took us into their house of a cup of tea and ‘kheer’ and stories of ‘shikaar’ and how people dealt with wild life in the ‘good old’ days.  Toby a young american student who is staying with us to experience cheeesemaking and organic farm life, was getting a great first hand experience of many new things.
Later with the Saits help we made our way back to the house though we knew the elphants were still around the property.
End of an episode and we did not know that much more was to follow in the days to come.


Finally Got them

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I finally managed to be in the right place at the right time and with my camera at hand.  We had managed to get photographs for each visit for last 3 years.   This year I had not seen them myself though they have stayed around our farm the longest.  This afternoon I was told the elephants were around and I ran out to get these gorgeous photos. This time there were 6 of them.   2 adult females and 4 calves.

Elephants 2009 - Family of six

Family of six elephants.

Elephants 2009 - Biggest one

The Biggest of the Herd – a female elephant.


The Economics of Entropy

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Another excellent essay by John Michael Greer to put some perspective on the role of entropy in the large scheme of things.  Read full article at The Economics of Entropy.  Here is an extract.

“I’ve come to think of inflation as the primary way that the tertiary economy resolves the distortions caused by the mismatch between the limitless expansion of the tertiary economy and the hard limits ecology and entropy place on the primary and secondary economies. When the amount of paper wealth in the tertiary economy outstrips the production of actual, nonfinancial goods and services in the other two economies, inflation balances the books by making money lose part of its value. I suspect – though it would take a good econometrician to put this to the test – that in the long run, the paper value lost to inflation equals the paper value manufactured by interest on money, once the figures are adjusted for actual increases or decreases in the production of goods and services.”


The anti-ecology of money

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This article by a favourite of mine, John Michael Greer, puts the points that I was trying to make in my head about the flaw in today’s economic systems. Here is an excerpt to give you and idea. Read the rest at the original site

“Last week’s Archdruid Report post built on one of E.F. Schumacher’s more trenchant insights to propose a controversial way of making sense of modern economics. Schumacher, in Small Is Beautiful, drew a distinction between primary goods produced by natural processes, and secondary goods produced by human labor, and pointed out that secondary goods can’t be produced at all unless you have the necessary primary goods on hand.

This is quite true, though it’s a point often missed by today’s economists. There is at least an equal difference, though, between either of these classes of goods and a third class produced neither by nature nor by labor. These are tertiary or, more descriptively, financial goods; they form the largest single class of goods in the world today, in terms of dollar value, and the markets in which they are bought and sold dominate the economies of the industrial nations. To call this unfortunate is a drastic understatement, because the biases imposed on our societies by the domination of financial goods are among the most potent forces dragging the world to ruin.”


Wine & Cheese Evening Coimbatore Club

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Acres Wild was invited by Coimbatore Club (thanks to our dear friend Alan Oakley) to showcase our cheese along with Grover Wine for an evening for their invitees.   We could not have expected a better response.  Most of the guests were trying cheeses like Feta, Haloumi and Camembert for the first time.  Tina and I were really happy that they were a big hit.  Karishma Grover, daughter of Mr. Kapil Grover of Grover wines was there to initiate people into their wines.  Other distinguished guests were Narain Karthikeyan with his wife Pavarna and Mr Krishnan and his wife Sujata Krishnan of Suvai ice creams.  Here are some photos of people appreciating Acres Wild cheeses.

Wine and Cheese - 3099

Wine and Cheese - 3100

Wine and Cheese - 3101

Wine and Cheese - 3102


Our Chat Room

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So finally we have a stable Chat Room.  The software is called XAT CHAT. You can try it in our Chat Room Page.   Below are the reasons.
XAT Chat is easy to use but better to read some of the basic features.

  • LOG IN: First time you will be logged in automatically with some name like ‘SnoogleBunny’ or something like that.  Just click on it in the list of names on the right and change it to whatever you want.
  • YOUR NAME: XAT will remember you next time you log from your computer.  You can change your name but please do suitably identify yourself.
  • LIST OF USERS: It shows who all are logged on.  If their pawn is green the person is online. Red if Offline.  Click on name for options.  For me (Mansoor – Administrator) the pawn is golden when I am online and red when offline.
  • SOUNDS & ALERTS: XAT has sound alert each time you send or receive a message.
  • AUDIES: Sounds that you can send mainly to draw attention to start a chat.  You can send these sounds by copying the code into the message space and hitting ‘ENTER’.  List of Audie codes is in the panel below.
  • SMILIES: Click to select a smilie from the row above message area. Hit ENTER to send.
  • CHAT LOG: XAT retains the last 15 or so lines of the chat.  BUT if you want privacy then you can start a private chat that starts in a seperate tab and is deleted on exit.
  • PRIVATE CHAT: To start a private chat click on name of person in list on the right and select ‘Private Chat’.  This opens another tab in the chat window with the persons name on it. You can alway go back to the main chat by clicking on its tab.
  • PRIVATE MESSAGE: You can also send just a private message to any of the participants. Click on name of person and select Private Message.
  • HELP: For complete HELP go to XAT Chat Users Guide.
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    Elephants visit 4th Year

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    The Elephants are back on their annual trip to Acres Wild Farm. They came at night so noone saw them but the workers heard them and next morning we saw their footprints, damaged  trees and trampled tall grass and lots of lovely unmistakable elephant dung.  Hope to catch them on camera if they are still around and post the phots here again like the last 3 years.



    Cheeseboard Darker Lettering

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    We have fixed the lettering in our cheeseboard so it is more readable.   Posting a photo of a test piece.   Compare to photographs in earlier posts.  Ignore the reflection of the light in this one 🙂

    Cheeseboard Darker - W light refle