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This is the Blog part of the Acres Wild Cheesemaking Farmstay.  Please go to Acres Wild Homepage for the Main part of our website.

Anyway a bit about our family.  We moved to Coonoor in June 2004 from Mumbai. Our family is Mansoor, Tina (Lisa) and our children Zayn(’93), Pablo (’95) and our dog Rhea (’02).

It was my obsession to live outside the city and preferably close to nature. It took a long long time to get here, with one aborted attempt to live in Mandwa – a seaside haven across the harbour in Mumbai. Luckily I was able to convince Tina and then the kids about moving to Coonoor where we have had a house since 1994. We used to visit Coonoor annually for holidays and stuff. I am so lucky and grateful that my family agreed to make the move and that now this is happening. I felt I was reborn and living for the first time.

Luckily this kind of climate is great for cheesemaking too. And that helped Tina find a vocation and we started exploring the possiblity of organic gourmet cheesemaking. Now we are selling our cheese from several outlets in Coonoor, Ooty and Coimbatore. Check the cheese outlets from the Our Cheese page for details.

Zayn and Pablo started at Holy Innocents School in Wellington but have now shifted to Riverside School in Kotagiri.

We are also assisted by Vinod & Archana(cheesemaking), Deepak & Swarna (Farmstay Housekeeping), Radha & Boran (farm animals).

Joseph joined us for transport that is still petrol based – till Peak Oil kicks in.

Margaret does our farmhouse housekeeping.

Mary tends to the garden and plants.

Together we intend shaping a small cosmos that we call Acres Wild. A wild kind of a farm that will take us back to the primitive – where things were far more ‘in balance’.