Close Encounter of the Herd Kind

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Our first night at the farm where we moved PC and all and we decided to go back to the main house around 8:30pm to get some stuff that Pablo needed to go to school the next day.  On our way back just as we entered the private road that leads finally to Acres Wild, we heard a lot of shouting and whistling. I thought it was our neighbours, the Saits having a good time and continued.  A second later as we came around the corner 3 large figure loomed barely 80 feet ahead in the headlight in the middle of the road.  They were the 2 big female elephants and one of the calves.  Luckily they were headed in the same direction and so did not react to the headlights immediately.  I put off the headlights and started rolling the car back.   I was later told that putting of the headlights is not a good idea.  Still to figure that out.
Anyway we waited in the car and the Sait clan (from who I have bought the land for Acres Wild) were most helpful and took us into their house of a cup of tea and ‘kheer’ and stories of ‘shikaar’ and how people dealt with wild life in the ‘good old’ days.  Toby a young american student who is staying with us to experience cheeesemaking and organic farm life, was getting a great first hand experience of many new things.
Later with the Saits help we made our way back to the house though we knew the elphants were still around the property.
End of an episode and we did not know that much more was to follow in the days to come.

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Thanks to Toby, the news of this amazing elaphant encounter of a herd kind has reached the United States. We wish you all and the herd our very best. From los Angeles. Seth Joel

August 20th, 2009 at 12:08 pm

Hi Seth,
Thanks for checking out our site and yes there have been a lot of events here at the farm just as we decided to move here. Toby got a good first hand experience like all of us of an elephant charging. Made us realise that we should not take their mostly docile appearance for granted and respect their space too. And we would still welcome the elephants every year as now they have decided to visit us regularly.
Love from all at Acres Wild

August 20th, 2009 at 11:35 pm

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