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So finally we have a stable Chat Room.  The software is called XAT CHAT. You can try it in our Chat Room Page.   Below are the reasons.
XAT Chat is easy to use but better to read some of the basic features.

  • LOG IN: First time you will be logged in automatically with some name like ‘SnoogleBunny’ or something like that.  Just click on it in the list of names on the right and change it to whatever you want.
  • YOUR NAME: XAT will remember you next time you log from your computer.  You can change your name but please do suitably identify yourself.
  • LIST OF USERS: It shows who all are logged on.  If their pawn is green the person is online. Red if Offline.  Click on name for options.  For me (Mansoor – Administrator) the pawn is golden when I am online and red when offline.
  • SOUNDS & ALERTS: XAT has sound alert each time you send or receive a message.
  • AUDIES: Sounds that you can send mainly to draw attention to start a chat.  You can send these sounds by copying the code into the message space and hitting ‘ENTER’.  List of Audie codes is in the panel below.
  • SMILIES: Click to select a smilie from the row above message area. Hit ENTER to send.
  • CHAT LOG: XAT retains the last 15 or so lines of the chat.  BUT if you want privacy then you can start a private chat that starts in a seperate tab and is deleted on exit.
  • PRIVATE CHAT: To start a private chat click on name of person in list on the right and select ‘Private Chat’.  This opens another tab in the chat window with the persons name on it. You can alway go back to the main chat by clicking on its tab.
  • PRIVATE MESSAGE: You can also send just a private message to any of the participants. Click on name of person and select Private Message.
  • HELP: For complete HELP go to XAT Chat Users Guide.
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    Ummmm when will the online courses be active?

    July 18th, 2009 at 10:02 pm

    Not sure when Kiran. I have started working on the Basic Cheesemaking Course but realised it takes more thought and work than I had imagined. So all I can say is ….soon 🙂

    July 25th, 2009 at 4:42 am

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