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I feel quite foolish the way I had uploaded large images on this website. The fact was that I knew that something had to be done to optimize images for web use but I was using normal image editing programs to do it thru the ‘save as’ command and specifying a lower image quality. But this would not reduce the images below 150k to even as high as 500k and that too with a distinct deterioration of the image.

Last night I searched on Google and found a software called Jpeg Cruncher Pro 2.0 and I downloaded a trial verion. Using it just for 15 minutes I was sold and I bought an official copy. It works like a dream and the quality of images even as small as 20k is superb for an image size that I select of 500 x 370 pixels on my webpages. Another good feature is the ‘batch’ mode which allows a complete directory to be optimized in one go. There are lots of parameters you can set. If you need an image optimizer I would strongly recommend this one.

Anyway if you have visited our site before you will now notice there is a distinct improvement in the speed with which pages open.  Will post more info on useful softwares I have found under ‘softwares’ category here on our blog.

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