Galloping with Blinkers On

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I love the way The Archdruid puts it in this article on what is REALLY needed at the advent of Peak Oil….. of course it depends on

a.) Whether you know what Peak Oil is all about.

b.) Whether you are of the paradigm that recognizes growth as the pitfall of the industrial and cheap energy era.

c.) Whether you are fundamentally an optimist or a realist (often confused as a doomer or a peaknik).

Anyway so basically The Archdruid points to two possible lines of solutions needed to face Peak Oil realistically (sorry you optimists but sometimes a realistic approach is better because as Matt Savinar puts it really well on the caption on his website – “Deal with reality before reality deals with you!!!!”   No place for white collared optimism there. 😉

Enough of this rant.  Read the article Galloping with Blinkers for the real story.

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