A detailed insight into the AIG mess

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Anyone who has been reading our blog often enough must be wondering why there are suddenly so many posts on economic issues (mostly bad) and Peak Oil (there can be only one side to that).  Well I can’t say why this is happening.  Maybe I was just pretending to be talking about happy farming and environment and all that but the real stuff I have been following and thinking about is what I never thought I would ever be interested in – economics!!!!!

BUT not only that but I am posting more of these issues because, pardon the expression, but the shit is hitting the fan faster than expected.  So  maybe it is for those who choose to see it coming and would like to run for cover………………..

Here it is and with US pumping one trillion dollars more into their system one has to read a bit of background.  Here it is.  It is an article called The Big Takeover and explains some of the things behind the AIG mess.  Try it.  It is better than reading short term distractions like what is going to happen to IPL 🙂

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christopher rego

Quite detailed unlike the usual 3 page internet article – the (abusive) bit about risk analysis being done by indian mathematicians was interesting…

March 27th, 2009 at 9:03 am

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