How much Coal is there?

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Here is a sobering article on the prospect of ‘coal-to-the-rescue’ as a source of alternate energy.  The author, Byron W. King, points out that when faced with the idea of Peak Oil and it’s implications this the kind of response that we most often hear……

“If there’s one common thread in the discussion over the course of nearly four decades, it’s that someone is sure to say something like, “The U.S. has a lot of coal.” Depending on who is doing the talking, maybe the comment will be even more specific, along the lines of “Heck, the U.S. is the Saudi Arabia of coal.” Or if the speaker really wants to impress you with precision, it will be, “The U.S. has a 250-year supply of coal.”

Nevermind that it will cook the planet in greenhouse gases and other forms of damage but the real point is…………… How much coal is there really?

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