Ever since the price of oil has collapsed along with the economy in unison, people have been confused and don’t correlate all the aspects of the chaos.  One thing they assume that Peak Oilers were wrong about price of Oil going thru the sky.  That is not true.  All that is best explained in Jim Kunstler’s weekly CFN Nation update – entitled “What Next?”.
You could read it at Jim Kunstlers Site.
A short excerpt is  below.
This is what Jim Kunstler has to say…………..
What next………….
“The Peak Oil story was never about running out of oil. It was about the collapse of complex systems in a world economy faced by the prospect of no further oil-fueled growth. It was something of a shock to many that the first complex system to fail would be banking, but the process is obvious: no more growth means no more ability to pay interest on credit… end of story, as Tony Soprano used to say.
Read the complete article at Jim Kunstlers Site.

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