Cows on heat – but which straw to use?

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Two of our cows came on heat today. The big question was which straws to fertilize them with. We want Jersey strain because of higher fat content in the milk. Holstein-Friesian give lower fat content. Milk out put is lower for Jersey though. By more than 5 litres. So have to figure out that one. Have gone in for Holstein for the time being.

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Lol … Must say that you really were in a dilemna . So what made you eventually go for the HF strain ??

Must say that you people are doing a great job … I’m in the process of doing something similar but in the hills of Himachal . We have apple orchards and are turning it into a home stay far as well .

I also have set up a dairy for almost organic cow milk near Delhi , and along with milk we also grow organic vegetables .

Should stay n touch and maybe we cud help each other . Your farm looks very tempting for a visit .

Keep it up ..


March 16th, 2008 at 4:27 am

Welcome to our farm blog Saazid,

We went for Holstein cows because of availability at this point of time as we had to increase output to optimum quantity of milk for our cheese making. Same applied to the straws because most people locally are more interested in quantity of milk for economic reasons and so we are the exception I guess. I have requested the vet to go for the Jersey strain but he did not sound happy but could not give me reason why. I suspect it is only because of final milk output.
Yes looking at what you are doing we have lots in common and would love to be in touch and share ideas and experiences. We will be more setup by end of 2008 then please do visit us and we will visit your farm sometime too.
Best of luck to you too.

March 16th, 2008 at 7:19 am

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