Panther takes 2 Baby Goats

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So now it has finally happened.  The old man who looks after the goats came running up to tell us that a panther had taken 2 baby goats in front of his eyes.  He was in bad shape so it must have been a real experience.  Look’s like Acres Wild is getting a bit too wild for keeping farm animals.  Will move the goats to the top of the propery behind the cow shed where they are safer from the panthers.

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Vivek Jayan

Sad news. And yes, its beetre to move to a safer place. One panther, two baby goats means it was well planned or the panther has a real big appetite like mine sometimes or maybe there is a second panther and probably, they stocking for the breeding season. Might come back for more and hence its better to move the goats to a safer place.

putting in an excerpt I got from the net…

Panthers are able to live and thrive almost anywhere. They are not restricted to forests or heavy cover like tigers, and thrive as well in open country as among rocksand scrub. Being more tolerant of the sun they frequently hunt by day, particularly if they have failed to secure food at night. The Panther will kill and eat anything it can overpower with safety, cattle, deer, and monkeys, the smaller beasts of prey, and larger rodents, like porcupines. The bill of fare is extended to include birds, reptiles, and crabs. A big sambar or barasinga stag, or a bull nilgai are perhaps more than a match for the Panther, and these he usually leaves alone. The Panther’s chief enemy is the tiger. Wild dogs and hyenas frequently come of best in encounters with Panthers. The Panther’s habits bring it into far more frequent contact with man than the tiger, and as such it has become a greater potential scourge on human life and property.

January 20th, 2009 at 5:40 pm

Thats terrible news. Is your farm on its normal range or is it being attracted by easy prey?

I though panthers were restricted to the woods.

My troubles with coyotes and foxes and the occasional small bear seems so tame in comparison to a PANTHER!

January 20th, 2009 at 11:01 pm

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