In case you are wondering why I have not put a post about the now falling prices of oil in the light that I was once giddily posting about the rising prices………. well first…….. nothing has changed.    The price has fallen as world economy has collapsed.  That was not what the Big Boyz were predicting anyway….

More imporant the fundaments have not changed.  Lower price only means lower demand but not lower consumption and so has not postponed the date for the effects of oil depletion to kick-in.  The sad part is that this stunning economic collapse has actually distracted people from the more fundamental event that is going to happen nevertheless.  It is like a big firework on the other side of the street that you turn to look at in awe while your own house burns behind you.

Check out my favourite author on the combined issues of Peak Oil and Economic Collapse.  Here is James Howard Kunstler with a Farewell to George W. Bush.

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