Jaane Tu is a Hit.

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This marks a turning point in my life and in the lives of the Khan clan from Pali Hill.  Jaane Tu is a hit and Imran is a star.  Abbas’s crafty script and unorthodox direction made a good film but Aamir’s detailed marketting made it stand out.  So it took me back to being on the sets but this time to make the shoot happen for the director.  It was a great experience but I am really glad to be back to Coonoor and Acres Wild and the family.  It could not have turned out better though and for that I am grateful to the forces that be.  I just realised…….. it is easier to do a shoot at Mumbai airport than it is to grow some fruit trees 🙂

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came across your website today only. though i have been reading about you off and on, honestly, mansoor bhai i always thought it was one of those ameeron ke chonchle. after reading about you from the website, impressed. maybe because even i am planning to leave mumbai and start a dairy farm at my village. curious to know how you took the plunge. gaaliyan toh khoob mili hongi. considering the gravity of my decision, it gives me shivers. how successful is the cheese making venture? or how difficult has it been to create a market? believe the farm is self sustaining? dying to learn more about the farm and Mansoor khan the organic farmer. dont intend to show disrespect but your avatar as an organic farmer interests me more than you as a film maker. would be honore if i could come some day and pay my respects

February 4th, 2010 at 3:12 pm

but i think,considering your efficiency it will be a boon for the people;if you please handle
both the things by pre-scheduled arrangements.many people r longing to enjoy the flawless & entertaining creation

August 20th, 2010 at 1:34 pm

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