Oil passes $147

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Now this is what wimbledon matches are famous for.  An underdog, 2 sets down, fighting back to win the finals.  But when it happens in oil prices we can’t make anything of it.  Oil dropped 9 dollars day before and now surged over 10 dollars in a day!!  So what of it.  Well read the tennets of Peak Oil and you will find that this volatility is part of the phenomenon of Peak Oil.  It is not about reaching the end of oil.  It is about reaching the MIDDLE POINT of oil.  That is when everything reverses.  All the economics that we have taken as gospel gets inverted.  And volatility is a part of it till we cross the plateau and start the steep relentless decline.

Oh shit I scared you.  Now you are not going to read the article.  But anyway here it is.

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