Aditi Mallya School visits Acres Wild

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Urban Kids get a chance to explore Farm events

Is this for real?

So this is what we had been preparing for, for the the last 3 weeks – a group of 28 students from Aditi Mallya International School, Bangalore, to visit us for a 3 night camp trip. I must admit that despite our deepest apprehensions, our first day was a resounding success – mostly because of the spirit of the teachers and children. Here is a starting photo of the kids getting into an opening session of…………. bathing the cows!!!
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Navin Muralidharan

Dear Mansoor,

It is an excellent initiative to get schools involved. You have just imparted another dimension to the ‘catch em young’ phrase.

It’s important that young minds are sensitized to issues pertaining to sustainability, ecofarming & aspects related to our current way of life & why we will have a serious problem if we do not mend our ways.

The future stakeholders of ourplanet better be prepared for what’s coming…….


August 12th, 2010 at 6:55 am

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