Summer Visitors discover Acres Wild

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This summer visitors from all over visiting the Nilgiris are visiting our farm for a day visit.  This consists of a trek down to the pond, which is much easier now that we have made the steps.  Then we walk up past our veggie growing area and napier grass patch to the cow shed.  Lots of gyan from me and lots of questions from them 🙂 on adobe bricks and gobar gas and slurry and water harvesting and our attempts at panchgavya and what not.

And finally to the cheese cottage for a session of cheesemaking and tasting.  We end up at the Plainsview Gazebo to rest and chat before they all disperse.

If you are interested in a Day Visit then check out how to get about informing us and what to expect from our Day Visit Page.  Check menu on the left.

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