Panther or Bear Pug Mark

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Bear Pug Mark - 0056

The second day after record breaking rains in Coonoor and Nilgiris we stepped out to check the damages.  Fallen boulder just at our entrance blocking the road so no driving out for a while, several cracks in our walls and in the earth and roads where it was softened enough to move.  While we were prowling for such signs near our lower cottage we came across these pug marks in the soft soil.  First we thought they were panther pug marks but then Tina pointed out some kind of mark in the centre in the front of the pug mark.  Could be a bear but where are the other nail marks.  Still trying to figure that out.  The heavy rain had upset the animals a bit too it seems as we saw a huge owl in the day time.  Tried taking a photo with my iphone but failing light and no zoom so only I can make out that dark shape on the branch is an owl so no point putting it here.

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