Wild Boar and Cow

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One more in our Farm & Wild Series.  This happy Eid morning Tina, her niece Anjali and husband Russel and I were sitting in the porch of the Lower Cottage.  In the marshy area below we spotted a wild boar that spent a long time grazing along with our cows.   Luckily Russel had his camera and we caught this nice moment of co-existence.  This has inspired me to make a Farm And Wild Series.  We already have two others that are posted earlier in this blog.  One is Cow and Bison.  The other is Cow and Elephant.  Check them out if you have not already.

Wild Boar and Cow - 1427 - Cropped

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Good snap once again ,udderly exciting!!!

October 4th, 2009 at 4:03 pm

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