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Talk on Peak Oil and Exponential Growth at TEDxYouth 2011 Chennai

Just got back from Chennai where I spoke at the TEDxYouth Chennai meet. There were 14 speakers and many interesting and entertaining presentations. In all that it is hard to get people to listen to a heavy one and that too of a smaller future. My presentation was called The Third Curve and meant to illustrate the futility and madness of Exponential Growth by comparing the Growth Curve going skyward with the Depletion Curve that dives to zero. I think I did pretty ok but my daughter Zayn who was in the audience said I used some hard to understand terms. Will correct that in future 🙂 Will also post the link to see the lecture at a future date once they upload it.

The limits of Growth and Peak Oil
My latest lecture on Peak Oil and the Limits of Growth was at the Indian School of Business, Hyderabad. It was about a 1 hour presentation to about 50 students. I was very happy and I think I got quite a few people thinking about what the quest for Perpetual Exponential Economic Growth has in store for us in the context of finite energy resources on a finite planet. If any of you have any venues for me to speak at on similar topics please contact me.


Making Organge marmalade.

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Making Fresh Marmalade and Jam with local fruits.

Farmstay Guests Ravi and Mini, give a helping hand to make orange marmalade.