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Aditi Mallya School visits Acres Wild

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Urban Kids get a chance to explore Farm events

Is this for real?

So this is what we had been preparing for, for the the last 3 weeks – a group of 28 students from Aditi Mallya International School, Bangalore, to visit us for a 3 night camp trip. I must admit that despite our deepest apprehensions, our first day was a resounding success – mostly because of the spirit of the teachers and children. Here is a starting photo of the kids getting into an opening session of…………. bathing the cows!!!

Zero Budget Farming

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Just one cow can raise crops on 30 acres. This news article from The Hindu about Shri Subhash Palekar of Maharashtra is worth reading as he calls his method ‘zero budget farming’.  In the age of mindless and reckless chemical farming he stresses the importance of just a single cow to manage a field of upto 30 acres.  Sounds a little too much for all of us who were unfortunately brought up on industrial concepts of productivity and agriculture.

Just a cow can raise crop on 30 acres

Staff Reporter – The Hindu, Coimbatore:

Just a cow can help you raise crop in 30 acres, without any external inputs, extra water or even electricity!

Zero budget farming That is the concept of zero budget farming, says Subash Palekar, Founder of the Zero Budget Farming Movement. He is in the city to address a workshop on zero budget farming that begins on Saturday. Only zero budget farming, which was being followed by nearly 24 lakh farmers in various states, can ensure increased food production, he told reporters here on Friday. “Chemical and organic farming methods are not helping us produce as much as we need. With just 12 crore hectare cultivable land available in the country, we cannot afford to lose more land to urbanisation. Government is only promoting organic farming for producing food items meant for export. It is only aiding in increasing the world economy and not the Indian economy,” Mr. Palekar said.

Farce Hitting out at officials who claimed that India was self-sufficient, he said that it was a farce. Quoting statistics of the last year he claimed that India was still in a position to import food. “Ten kg of cow dung is required for an acre a month. A ‘desi’ cow can give 11 kg of dung a day. Hence 30 acres can be cultivated. Almost any plant needs 98.5 per cent carbon dioxide to grow. Solar energy and water is needed to cultivate it. Only the remaining is needed from the soil. It is false when people say that manure is the basic food material for a crop,” he said. He quoted many success stories of farmers who had adopted the zero budget farming technique. Since 1988 he has been able to garner the support of farmers in Maharashtra, Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh, Bihar, Uttar Pradesh, Rajasthan, Gujarat, Chattisgarh, West Bengal and Orissa. He has a considerable following in Tamil Nadu too. “We submitted a proposal of using the technique to the Tamil Nadu Government on Thursday. We hope they will accept it,” he said. Mr. Palekar said agricultural universities were propagating wrong practices like organic farming, vermin-composting and the like. “All these techniques are dangerous and against Nature.” “Farmers are not the only ones who are committing suicide. There are so many others committing suicide by consuming the food produce that comes out of wrong farming practices,” he added.


Calf born to Brown Cow

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On a happier note, a female calf was born to our brown cow. All our farm help forbid us from taking a photo as they consider it unlucky so we will not put it on our web site for a while. The mother was a bit vary of us when we went to see the calf and snorted as we tried to pet it.


Cows on heat – but which straw to use?

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Two of our cows came on heat today. The big question was which straws to fertilize them with. We want Jersey strain because of higher fat content in the milk. Holstein-Friesian give lower fat content. Milk out put is lower for Jersey though. By more than 5 litres. So have to figure out that one. Have gone in for Holstein for the time being.


New Gobar Gas Plants fired up

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Today we connected 2 double stoves to the new upper gobar-gas plant. Getting very good pressure in all stoves simultaneously. Also the guys from K.V.I.C. who helped us make the plants and gave us subsidy on them marked the completion by making me stand next to it with a date and number and what not and took a photo.  This I guess is to make sure that this was a genuine case and the subsidy has not been misused.


Cows move to the farm

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After a long wait to get our new cow shed ready we have finally been able to move our cows and calves to the farm. This also means we can soon start the new gobar gas plants there.