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Lavonne Group Cheesemaking Class - Cropped SMALL 

Today we conducted our first big batch of cheesemaking for a group of 24 students and instructors from Lavnonne Baking Academy, Bangalore.

Lavonne Students cut the curd - SMALL


Anita and Stuart - Resized - Small

Anita and Stuart have been cycling for almost 4 months, firstly across Europe (UK to Istanbul) and now will cycle for a couple of months in India.  They decided to spend a few days with us and learn cheesemaking.  Anita also writes a blog about cheeses where ever they travel.  The cheeses were made but the big question was how were they to carry them back on their cycle all over India before they final head home for the U.K.!  So luckily Tina came up with the idea that we would send it to their last destination in Kolkata.  And that was safely achieved.  We are waiting to hear from Anita and Stuart how the cheeses taste when they get back home.  Do check out their blog too at


NDTV Chak Le India cover Acres Wild

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Popular Television program Chak Le India covers Acres Wild Mozarella Cheese

The team of the popular food program on NDTV called ‘Chak Le India’ were here today to shoot our cheesemaking. The host Aditya, the director Shubra and here team took covered Tina making mozarella and then wrapped up with a cookout using local produce from the Coonoor market. Here they are seen cooking on an open fire on the lawn opposite Haloumi House with the cheesemaking cottage seen in the background. The program should air around 12th Dec so do check it out.  Here is the link to watch it on the internet – Acres Wild on Chak Le India


Pita Bread & Bocconcini Cheese Experiment

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Pita Bread, Bocconcini Cheese and Jalepeno Sandwich

Pita Bread, Bocconcini Cheese and Jalepeno Sandwich

Ok we got it right later but I am going to put up this photo of our first attempt at pita bread turned into a sandwich but actually the pita bread itself did not puff up properly as it should to create a pocket in the middle. I realised that it was for 2 reasons. We used white flour instead of whole wheat and the oven temperature was not high enough. Anyway the sandwich looks good and tasted too with bocconcini cheese, tomatoes and jalepenos (grown here too). Got it right later with whole wheat flour and 250 deg C temp.


Aamir & Kiran visit Acres Wild

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Cheese, Films & Peak Oil.

Aamir and Kiran consider alternative professions once Peak Oil sets in.

It has been 6 years since Aamir and Kiran visited us in Coonoor. The last time incidentally was when I had found this land but did not bring him here or the price would have gone up 🙂 So it was a pleasant surprise for them to see how Acres Wild has shaped up.   Here are some photos of a Cheesemaking Demo for them.

Fresh Gouda just out of the press

Heck! I still prefer Amul Cheese!



Acres Wild Cheese hits out!

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Acres Wild makes a statement from our main outlet which is in Coonoor of course. Cedrik of Baker’s Junction who originally launched our cheese decided to buy a grand 3 door fridge and we made him an offer he could not refuse. Check it out in the photo below.


Our cheese at Bandra Wine Tasting Festival

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Bandra Wine Tasting Festival 2010

Poster of Bandra Wine Tasting Festival 2010. Acres Wild Cheeses were exhibited too.

The 2nd Annual Bandra Wine Tasting Festival is today and tomorrow ie 30th and 31st Oct at D’Monte Recreational Club, Bandra (W) which is right next to Bandra Gym.   Our cheeses are featured there but pity we cannot be there to check out the response etc. But just in case any of you can make it.  Would appreciate a photo of our setup there and the poster if you manage to go there.  Here is the link


Acres Blue – Our first batch of Blue Cheese

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Blue Cheese - Gourmet Cheeses at Acres Wild Cheesemaking Farmstay

Our first batch of Blue Cheese at Acres Wild Cheesemaking Farmstay

Tina has finally come up with our first batch of blue cheese. She felt that she had not put enough blue mold and that the cheese should have been deeper etc. But honestly it was deep enough for me. Pablo and I enjoyed it and now to get some opinion from some cheese lovers around Coonoor.


Cheesmaking Classes go on

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Acres Wild Cheesmaking Course

Avril and Vanessa stir the curd.

With all the wild-life chaos going on we still go on with our cheesemaking course. The latest students are Avril and Vanessa from Mumbai. They did a 2-day course and learned how to make 4 types of cheeses. They were accompanied by Vanessa’s husband, Ivo, who says he will make sure they go back and actually make cheese – so he can eat it.


2 Day Cheesemaking Course at Acres Wild

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If you have been watching Cheese Slices television program that comes on Travel & Living, then I am sure you are tempted to explore the exciting world of making gourmet cheeses at home.  You can learn how to make gourmet cheese in just 2 days by taking our compact 2 day cheesemaking course at Acres Wild Cheesemaking Farmstay.

If you want to learn how to make more cheeses then you can add additional days – one day per cheese you would like to learn.

This cheesemaking course is available only to guests who stay in our farmstay.  Guests have to inform us at the time of booking the farmstay room if they are interested in taking a course as we have to make prior arrangements.

For your information, all our cheeses are vegetarian as they are made using microbial coagulant and not rennet.

Some points about our cheesemaking course.

  • The course is fairly intense as a lot is fitted into 2 days.  Most people have only weekends for a break.
  • The course is offered only to our farmstay guests – you should be staying here at our farmstay.
  • You learn the theory and make your own cheese.  Two kinds.  These you can take home with you.
  • Course can be extended depending upon the number of cheeses that you want to learn.

For complete details please go to the Cheesemaking Course