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The Archdruid sums it up for us

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Would like to introduce an excellent blog to all who would care to get a more complete grip on what is unfurling in the age of Peak Oil. This is a blog by John Michael Greer also known as The Archdruid, because he is one.

Do read his latest blog entry to sum up the current global situation and how it is linked.


Windmills – History and Future

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Came across this very interesting article on the history of windmills. It is important at this point of time to get some perspective on what they have already been doing in the past and so what to expect etc.  Read complete article here.

Wind powered factories: history (and future) of industrial windmills

by Kris De Decker

Windmill history 1

In the 1930s and 1940s, decades after steam engines had made wind power obsolete, Dutch researchers obstinately kept improving the – already very sophisticated – traditional windmill. The results were spectacular, and there is no doubt that today an army of ecogeeks could improve them even further. Would it make sense to revive the industrial windmill and again convert kinetic energy directly into mechanical energy?

Read the complete article here.


Galloping with Blinkers On

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I love the way The Archdruid puts it in this article on what is REALLY needed at the advent of Peak Oil….. of course it depends on

a.) Whether you know what Peak Oil is all about.

b.) Whether you are of the paradigm that recognizes growth as the pitfall of the industrial and cheap energy era.

c.) Whether you are fundamentally an optimist or a realist (often confused as a doomer or a peaknik).

Anyway so basically The Archdruid points to two possible lines of solutions needed to face Peak Oil realistically (sorry you optimists but sometimes a realistic approach is better because as Matt Savinar puts it really well on the caption on his website – “Deal with reality before reality deals with you!!!!”   No place for white collared optimism there. 😉

Enough of this rant.  Read the article Galloping with Blinkers for the real story.


How much Coal is there?

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Here is a sobering article on the prospect of ‘coal-to-the-rescue’ as a source of alternate energy.  The author, Byron W. King, points out that when faced with the idea of Peak Oil and it’s implications this the kind of response that we most often hear……

“If there’s one common thread in the discussion over the course of nearly four decades, it’s that someone is sure to say something like, “The U.S. has a lot of coal.” Depending on who is doing the talking, maybe the comment will be even more specific, along the lines of “Heck, the U.S. is the Saudi Arabia of coal.” Or if the speaker really wants to impress you with precision, it will be, “The U.S. has a 250-year supply of coal.”

Nevermind that it will cook the planet in greenhouse gases and other forms of damage but the real point is…………… How much coal is there really?


Solar Panel on Cheese Cottage

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Check out our Solar Water heating panel on our Cheese Cottage. The water storage capacity is 100 lts.



The Solar Cooker we use

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IMP: We don’t make those solar cookers.  We just use them.  Please contact Mr Venkatesh of VESAT Solar Coimbatore at +91 94433-63540. Do give our reference.

Below is a photo of the solar cooker we bought from Vesat, Coimbatore, in action on our lawn.  We have been using it for the past week to cook rice and daal.  The food is in the black circular metal boxes inside the glass case. The mirror above directs the sun downwards. The boxes are black coated to absorb as much heat as possible. Will add some photos of the food too later.



New Gobar Gas Plants fired up

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Today we connected 2 double stoves to the new upper gobar-gas plant. Getting very good pressure in all stoves simultaneously. Also the guys from K.V.I.C. who helped us make the plants and gave us subsidy on them marked the completion by making me stand next to it with a date and number and what not and took a photo.  This I guess is to make sure that this was a genuine case and the subsidy has not been misused.