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Making Organge marmalade.

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Making Fresh Marmalade and Jam with local fruits.

Farmstay Guests Ravi and Mini, give a helping hand to make orange marmalade.


Homemade Soap Experiments Begin

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Exploring the exciting world of making homemade soap. I realised that not only is it fascinating and a step to self-reliance but also the soap if correctly made is much better for your skin. You can design your own soap with whatever characteristics you like – hardness, lather, moisturising, cleansing, conditioning etc. Depends on the oils you use mainly. This is the second days soap with palm oil.

Homemade Soap experiments at Acres Wild


Jalepenos ripens at Acres Wild

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First crop of jalepenos grown at Acres Wild Farm

So jalepenos can grow here in Nilgiris!

We got a very small crop of jalepenos that grew from some seeds that a friend, Aline from France, sent us a while back.   They smell very good and am looking forward to tasting them.   The sad part was that not too many of the seeds she sent germinated but I am willing to give it another shot.    Aline are you reading this 🙂


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After our family tested it for 2 years, Tina has decided to market bilberry jam under our label. So here it is while the stocks last. Also we are keeping lots of it specially for our farmstay guests.

Bilberry Jam at Acres Wild


Corn and Carrots too

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Now all the veggies are getting ready at the same time.  Little more planning required for this so that we can use them without wasting.  The gigantic size persists for the raddish.  Turnip, carrots, corn and okra are of a healthy size too.  We better harvest it all before they get over-grown.  The salad is growing very well too.  Will post some photos soon.

Organic Vegetables - Carrots, Corn, Okra, Turnip, Raddish and Beans

All organically grown vegetables - Carrots, Corn, Okra, Turnip, Raddish and Beans