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Preparing raised vegetable beds

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Methods in Organic Farming

Preparing a raised vegetable bed was the next part of the exercise for the kids from Aditi Mallya International School.   This as we explained, was to help drainage as we get heavy rains here. Also one can let the slurry flow in the troughs.


Aditi School kids spreading the compost

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Learning to use compost for preparing vegetable beds

Sir, Please could I have some more!

The next activity for the Aditi Mallya International School kids was to collect and spread the compost to the beds that were prepared by the kids themselves for planting vegetables.  The initial reaction was, as you can imagine, one of disgust. But by the end of it they were happy crumbling the compost and spreading it with their hands.


Aditi Mallya School visits Acres Wild

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Urban Kids get a chance to explore Farm events

Is this for real?

So this is what we had been preparing for, for the the last 3 weeks – a group of 28 students from Aditi Mallya International School, Bangalore, to visit us for a 3 night camp trip. I must admit that despite our deepest apprehensions, our first day was a resounding success – mostly because of the spirit of the teachers and children. Here is a starting photo of the kids getting into an opening session of…………. bathing the cows!!!

Summer Visitors discover Acres Wild

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This summer visitors from all over visiting the Nilgiris are visiting our farm for a day visit.  This consists of a trek down to the pond, which is much easier now that we have made the steps.  Then we walk up past our veggie growing area and napier grass patch to the cow shed.  Lots of gyan from me and lots of questions from them 🙂 on adobe bricks and gobar gas and slurry and water harvesting and our attempts at panchgavya and what not.

And finally to the cheese cottage for a session of cheesemaking and tasting.  We end up at the Plainsview Gazebo to rest and chat before they all disperse.

If you are interested in a Day Visit then check out how to get about informing us and what to expect from our Day Visit Page.  Check menu on the left.


Summer Camp for Kids visits Acres Wild

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Holiday Adventures is a venture by Mr Dhanabal and his wife.  They organise Summer Camps for kids from Coimbatore.  So they thought it was a good idea to bring a bunch of 20 children to our farm.  The pond and ducks and geese and goats were much appreciated but I think what went fastest was the cheese!


Hebron School Parents visit Acres Wild

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Acres Wild hosted a quick cheesemaking tour for the parents of girls from Hebron School, Ooty. It was quite a group as over a 100 enthusiastic cheese lovers arrived this morning and we took them through all the aspects of our farm. There was great interest as many were from farming and outdoor backgrounds and questions were fired at rapid pace. Cheesetasting came last and……… it was a hit.  We served our Smoked Gouda, Smoke Monterey Jack and Herb & Garlic soft cheese.  The winner was our Herb & Garlic soft cheese. We were flooded with requests to sell cheese.


Hebron School Girls Farm Visit

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About 60 school girls from Hebron Girls School, Ooty arrived at our farm accompanied by about 10 teachers.  I am sure they were not clear as to what they should expect of the trip.  But once things warmed up I could see that they were really getting into it.

Most of them were excited at the prospect of milking a cow.  None had tried it before of course.

Some were successful and it showed!

The teachers decided to check out our adobe bricks and tested the weight and strength.  It passed their approval.

They were introduced to Gobar Gas plants and their principles, adobe brickmaking, water harvesting techniques and solar water heating.  Then finally saw the cheese cottage, cheesemaking demo and finally tasted the cheese.  Must say it was a huge success and all of us had a good time.


Acres Wild Farm is now on Facebook.

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Well I guess we finally surrendered to putting Acres Wild Farm on Facebook to avail of the viral networking that it makes possible. That is about it. The rest of the info will be here as usual.
Anyway you can check it out at Acres Wild Farm on Facebook and help spread the word about our farm by sending it to all your Facebook friends who send it to all their facebook friends and so on.   Heck!  This viral marketting thing is addictive!


Good Shepherd Hotel Management Students Visit

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A batch of Good Shepherd Hotel Management School visited us today for a feel of our cheesemaking process.  It was interesting for them as we touched all aspects of our farm apart from cheesemaking.   With some suggestions from them we have decided to put Acres Wild Farm onto Facebook.


Chennai School Kids visit Acres Wild

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This was our first set of school kids from Headstart in Chennai, who had come to Nilgiris for a school trip.  Savithri, their school teacher is from Coonoor and heard about us and thought it was good idea for the kids to get a feel of a farm and also to check out how real cheese is made.  We had fun showing the kids around and hope they enjoyed too.