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Lavonne Group Cheesemaking Class - Cropped SMALL 

Today we conducted our first big batch of cheesemaking for a group of 24 students and instructors from Lavnonne Baking Academy, Bangalore.

Lavonne Students cut the curd - SMALL


Anita and Stuart - Resized - Small

Anita and Stuart have been cycling for almost 4 months, firstly across Europe (UK to Istanbul) and now will cycle for a couple of months in India.  They decided to spend a few days with us and learn cheesemaking.  Anita also writes a blog about cheeses where ever they travel.  The cheeses were made but the big question was how were they to carry them back on their cycle all over India before they final head home for the U.K.!  So luckily Tina came up with the idea that we would send it to their last destination in Kolkata.  And that was safely achieved.  We are waiting to hear from Anita and Stuart how the cheeses taste when they get back home.  Do check out their blog too at


A token of appreciation from a Guest.

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A token of appreciation from a farmstay guest at Acres Wild Cheesemaking Farmstay, Coonoor

Postcard from Aditi Deo who stayed with us.

Aditi and Suhas Deo stayed with us a while back.   They drove up here from Poona and Aditi has sent us this hand-drawn map on a postcard of their trip from Poona to Acres Wild Farm and back.   Very fine artwork here.   Not sure if this scanned image is going to do justice to it but here it is.   Thanks Aditi.


Aamir & Kiran visit Acres Wild

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Cheese, Films & Peak Oil.

Aamir and Kiran consider alternative professions once Peak Oil sets in.

It has been 6 years since Aamir and Kiran visited us in Coonoor. The last time incidentally was when I had found this land but did not bring him here or the price would have gone up 🙂 So it was a pleasant surprise for them to see how Acres Wild has shaped up.   Here are some photos of a Cheesemaking Demo for them.

Fresh Gouda just out of the press

Heck! I still prefer Amul Cheese!



Peirce School Singapore Visit Acres Wild

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Baked Jalepenos & Barbeque

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Jalepenos Stuffed with Cream Cheese and Molasses

Jalepenos Stuffed with Cream Cheese and Molasses

Our recent farmstay guests Cherry and Yashesh who were doing a cheese course with us suddenly had a bright idea to have a barbeque. So we tested our central fireplace in our living room to double as a barbeque. This we had in mind by design but it was not really tested. Tina also decided to bake the Jalepenos that were cut and stuffed with our cream cheese and some molasses.

Barbeque with our Farmstay Guests

Yashesh and Tina handle the barbeque.


Hebron Principal visits Acres Wild

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Demo for the school principal of Hebron Girls School, Ooty, Nilgiris

Cheesemaking Tour for Principal of Hebron Girls School, Ooty.

We were pleasantly surprised the other day when I got a call from the Principal of Hebron Girls School in Ooty, Mr Mark. He was keen to visit our farm and so he did with his wife Lyn. It was a pleasure showing them around and they showed great interest in sending their students here for various activities that we have promised to flesh out.  Yes we are excited that more schools are showing interest in sending their students here. Great fun for us too. Here they are checking out our Cheesemaking Cottage.


Final Group photo of Mallya Aditi Kids

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And the final photo of the complete group of students. I would say they look happy enough 🙂 That is the end of string of posts on Mallya Aditi International School Trip. Onto new things next time.


Aditi Mallya School Trip to Earth Trust

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Demo of Bio-dynamic farming and permaculture for school kids

Vania, found of Earth Trust, Ooty give a talk to Aditi Mallya kids

The second day we took the Aditi Mallya kids to Earth Trust in Ooty for a practical demo of Bio-dynamic farming and permaculture principles. Mr Mohan there initiated them with first a film on the horrifix hazards of chemical farming on land and people. Here we see Vania, the founder of the NGO, giving a very inspiring talk to the kids.


Spreading the Compost

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Practices in organic farming.

Spreading compost on a freshly prepared raised vegetabel bed.

The kids from Aditi Mallya seen here, crumbling and spreading the compost on the raised vegetable bed. This was the real test and after the initial hesitation the kids realized that compost does not kill you. In fact it even smells great.