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Third Curve at Pune International Lit Fest

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Pune International Literary Festival 2014

Pune International Literary Festival 2014

A lot of authors, thinkers social activists, artists and so on.  Do check into this International Lit Fest in Pune.

What makes it different?  Well they allowed me to speak there about the reality of energy descent!  Now how far from literature can we get?  But thanks organizers!  This is one more important venue to present the much needed aspects of our immediate future.

I will be speaking from 2 pm to 3pm on 19th Sep 2014 at the Muktabai Hall in Pune.  Do attend if you can.  My book could be for sale there if the organizers permit.


Peak Oil lecture at Indian School of Business

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The limits of Growth and Peak Oil
My latest lecture on Peak Oil and the Limits of Growth was at the Indian School of Business, Hyderabad. It was about a 1 hour presentation to about 50 students. I was very happy and I think I got quite a few people thinking about what the quest for Perpetual Exponential Economic Growth has in store for us in the context of finite energy resources on a finite planet. If any of you have any venues for me to speak at on similar topics please contact me.


Giant vegetables from Acres Wild

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I don’t know whether this is to be expected but we are getting some giant-sized turnips and nodkol as you can see from this photo. Who ever said we need chemcals to grow food. It is the biggest myth that we need chemicals to feed the population of the world. It is exactly the opposite. Now off to enjoy some ‘mooli parathas’. 🙂


Vanashree – A real working eco-farm

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We have been in touch with Priti and Srikanth who have been persevering at their farm, Vanashree, near Bangalore, to shape it as a true sustainable farm.  Here I am posting an article An eco-sustainable way of life’ from the Deccan Herald that shows just how much they have achieved.  Tina and I are looking forward to visiting them soon to see it first hand and learn from their plain and honest efforts.

You can also check out all the other stuff from the Vanashree website.


Creating Paradise – Intro to Permaculture

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Many times I wonder whether we are going in the right direction at Acres Wild or is it just in our minds that we are going to be sustainable or any better than anyone else in the days to come.  Well this article puts some of those worries in perspective.  One should not imagine that one can be ‘sustainable’ so easily and so soon but still the effort to move our farm to a rainforest model is the right guide.  Easier said but a worthy goal.

A smooth little article ‘Creating Paradise’ on permaculture at an excellent sustainability site called Transition Culture.