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Finally found someone saying something relevant and honest about how we should look at human intelligence in comparison to its now forgotten counter – ‘instinct’.   Intelligence is over-rated and a form of chauvanism.  Why?  Because it gives amazing short-term results but with complete blinders to an infinite number of other factors that are the real word.  That is the very basis of rationale.  It can therefore be recursively used so logic does not know where to stop and so is not self-regulating – evidence is there in the kind of society modern day humans have made which is in a run-away loop of self destruction along with the rest of planet.  The real book that puts this view of failure of modern science is written by Sunil Sahasrabudhey and is called ‘Gandhi’s challenge to Modern Science’. It is available from Other India Press publishers.

Meanwhile you can read The Cost of Smarts, that puts in a narrow way what Sunil’s book puts so well in a lean 90 page book.