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A token of appreciation from a Guest.

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A token of appreciation from a farmstay guest at Acres Wild Cheesemaking Farmstay, Coonoor

Postcard from Aditi Deo who stayed with us.

Aditi and Suhas Deo stayed with us a while back.   They drove up here from Poona and Aditi has sent us this hand-drawn map on a postcard of their trip from Poona to Acres Wild Farm and back.   Very fine artwork here.   Not sure if this scanned image is going to do justice to it but here it is.   Thanks Aditi.


Baked Jalepenos & Barbeque

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Jalepenos Stuffed with Cream Cheese and Molasses

Jalepenos Stuffed with Cream Cheese and Molasses

Our recent farmstay guests Cherry and Yashesh who were doing a cheese course with us suddenly had a bright idea to have a barbeque. So we tested our central fireplace in our living room to double as a barbeque. This we had in mind by design but it was not really tested. Tina also decided to bake the Jalepenos that were cut and stuffed with our cream cheese and some molasses.

Barbeque with our Farmstay Guests

Yashesh and Tina handle the barbeque.


Montaut cooks for us

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Our farmstay guest and first cheesemaking course student Montaut Henderson treated us on his last night here with a bake.  It was a treat – one of the best bakes I have had.  It had a subtle flavour and lots of potatoes and pasta.

“Some goats, a cow and a labrador watch solemnly as we holler out for the Acres Wild people. Already well-known for the cheese they make, they have now opened up their farm to people who want to share their love for the good earth.”

Read further what Pankaja Srinivasan has to say about Acres Wild Farmstay in The Hindu, Metroplus.


Farmstay Launch

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We are set to start our farmstay accommodation from 1 April this summer season.  Above is the Tea Garden cottage which is a 2 bedroom cottage.  Below is the First Cottage, a small self contained one room unit. Full details are on our Farmstay Page.


Bed & Breakfast Scheme Revised

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Good things are happening to the concept of Bed and Breakfast in India.  Govt of India has Revised their Guidelines to make them more popular.  Hopefully Tamil Nadu govt will take the cue and we can have better options for Bed and Breakfast, homestay and farmstay facilities here at Acres Wild in Coonoor and Ooty in the Nilgiris.

Here is some of what they have done:

New Delhi: With an aim of overcoming the shortage of hotel rooms, government has revised the guidelines of the Bed and Breakfast scheme to make it more popular and acceptable across the country.
“The Incredible India Bed and Breakfast guidelines have been revised so that all state governments can adopt this scheme in their own states and increase the availability of rooms for tourists,” said a senior Tourism Ministry official.
While the emphasis has been given on less paper work in the revised guidelines, the maximum number of rooms is being increased from 5 to 6.
The changed guidelines has authorised the state governments to allocate categories of their own, devise their own fee structure and have their own classification committee which should be headed by an officer not below the rank of gazetted officer in the state tourism department or its equivalent.
The Ministry has also devised Dos and Don’ts for the house owners suggesting them how to conduct themselves as registered establishment and the activity has to be treated as non-commercial.
Delhi government has enacted a law for the scheme to extend benefit of taxation of property, electricity and water charges to be paid as per residential rates.
Himachal and Uttar Pradesh have also allowed similar incentives for the Bed and Breakfast scheme.
“All state governments have been asked to provide certain incentives so that the scheme can become popular and help in addressing the shortage of hotel rooms all over the country,” said the official.
Ministry is also planning to undertake capacity building programme for the benefit of such house owners who are willing to implement the scheme.