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What’s for Lunch?

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Mongoose eye the Ducks

2 hungry mongooses looking at a possible lunch.

It took a lot of photos of these two for me to figure out what they were really after.  Of course I knew their game plan because our ducks have been disappearing at a steady pace, but I wanted to catch it on camera.  Here is the incriminating evidence 🙂


Bison and Goat

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Another post on the Farm and Wild Series. A bison checks out the audacity of our goat as it grazes in their territory.

Bison and Goat


Wild Boar and Cow

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One more in our Farm & Wild Series.  This happy Eid morning Tina, her niece Anjali and husband Russel and I were sitting in the porch of the Lower Cottage.  In the marshy area below we spotted a wild boar that spent a long time grazing along with our cows.   Luckily Russel had his camera and we caught this nice moment of co-existence.  This has inspired me to make a Farm And Wild Series.  We already have two others that are posted earlier in this blog.  One is Cow and Bison.  The other is Cow and Elephant.  Check them out if you have not already.

Wild Boar and Cow - 1427 - Cropped


Elephant and Cows

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This is a classic one in our Farm & Wild Series.  Later we all settled down after the hair-raising episode and got used to the elephant feeding at a distance.  At one point it decided to check out some greens on our side of the fence and poked it’s nose thru our electric fence to eat some fresh grass that we have planted for our cows.  Not happy with the reach of its trunk it simply stepped thru the electric fence and ate to it’s hearts content along with our cows.  I don’t think the cows realised that something new was happening.

Elephant and Cow


Cow and Bison Sunday Lunch

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The first photo of our Farm & Wild Series.  We caught this friendly shot this Sunday as one of our cows (middle with back to us) decided that the bisons (upper left looking a bit displeased) know where the really good grass is and followed them to a cozy distance near the pond.  They continued to enjoy the grass peacefully together for a long time.