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Acres Wild T-Shirts are here!!

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Farm Fashions with T-shirts of our cheesemaking farm in Coonoor

Acres Wild T-shirt Collection

We finally gave into our college-day desires to have our own T-shirts. Yes, we have printed Acres Wild T-shirts and………. here is a sample of 2 of them. They are in 3 styles with 5 colors each. Styles are Men’s Polo, Mens Round Neck and Ladies Round neck. Prices are Rs 300/-, Rs 250/- and Rs 220/- respectively. Photos are of Men’s Round Neck.

Men's Round Neck T-shirts from Acres Wild Cheesemaking Farmstay

Men's Round Neck T-shirts - Black and Grey


Is There an Ecological Unconscious?

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A short excerpt from this article, “Is There an Ecological Unconscious”, to illustrate what I have often wondered about the limitations of clinical psychology as popularly understood and followed today.

There are numerous psychological subfields that, to one degree or another, look at the interplay between human beings and their natural environment. But ecopsychology embraces a more revolutionary paradigm: just as Freud believed that neuroses were the consequences of dismissing our deep-rooted sexual and aggressive instincts, ecopsychologists believe that grief, despair and anxiety are the consequences of dismissing equally deep-rooted ecological instincts.”

“If you look at the beginnings of clinical psychology,” Patricia Hasbach, a psychotherapist and prominent ecopsychologist based in Eugene, told me, “the focus was on intrapsychic forces” — the mind-bound interplay of ego, id and superego. “Then the field broadened to take into account interpersonal forces such as relationships and interactions between people. Then it took a huge leap to look at whole families and systems of people. Then it broadened even further to take into account social systems” and the importance of social identities like race, gender and class. “Ecopsychology wants to broaden the field again to look at ecological systems,” she said. “It wants to take the entire planet into account.

Read the complete article “Is There an Ecological Unconscious”


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