Lavonne Group Cheesemaking Class - Cropped SMALL 

Today we conducted our first big batch of cheesemaking for a group of 24 students and instructors from Lavnonne Baking Academy, Bangalore.

Lavonne Students cut the curd - SMALL


Crisil India - Cropped

Crisil Foundation, Mumbai.

Thanks to Maya Vengurlekar, COO of Crisil Foundation, Mumbai, I had the opportunity to give a full length talk and presentation on ‘The Third Curve – The End of Growth as we know it’.  I was more than prepared for counter-arguments to the notion that our holy cow of perpetual economic growth could be in trouble.  But the audience of over 50 senior personnel, including their CEO, Ms Rupa Kudva, were amazingly attentive and receptive.  That is reflected in the fact that I have been invited further to speak at their Delhi and Chennai main offices.  I hope that rating agencies do factor the new and very real risks of energy and resource descent that spell the end of growth.

As I told the audience it is better to make realistic plans keeping limits to energy and resources in mind rather than think of ways to merely deal with risk that is inevitable in perpetual growth schemes.  After all that is what rating agencies like Crisil are supposed to do 🙂


Third Curve at Pune International Lit Fest

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Pune International Literary Festival 2014

Pune International Literary Festival 2014

A lot of authors, thinkers social activists, artists and so on.  Do check into this International Lit Fest in Pune.

What makes it different?  Well they allowed me to speak there about the reality of energy descent!  Now how far from literature can we get?  But thanks organizers!  This is one more important venue to present the much needed aspects of our immediate future.

I will be speaking from 2 pm to 3pm on 19th Sep 2014 at the Muktabai Hall in Pune.  Do attend if you can.  My book could be for sale there if the organizers permit.


My Book Release – The Third Curve

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Cover of The Third Curve - The End of Growth as we know it

The Third Curve – The End of Growth as we know it

So finally my first book ‘The Third Curve – The End of Growth as we know it’ has been released all over India in physical print and globally as electronic through Amazon. I am doing a 5 city launch with Landmark and the venues details and everything else about my book are at the book website –
Do check it out.


National Geographic shoot at Acres Wild Cheesemaking Farmstay, Coonoor

Tina & Nagesh Kukunoor wait for the shot to be set up.

National Geographic TV Show crew set up shot

National Geographic Crew set up shot.



Baby Hare found on farm

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Hare Baby

A baby hare was found somewhere in the middle of our herb plants just behind our farm house.  A bit surprising because the hares keep a very safe distance from our house mostly.  We only see them at night on the road leading up to our farm house.  Anyway it seemed to be perfectly healthy.  Yes Rhea our doggy checked that out for us.

Hare Baby and Rhea


What’s for Lunch?

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Mongoose eye the Ducks

2 hungry mongooses looking at a possible lunch.

It took a lot of photos of these two for me to figure out what they were really after.  Of course I knew their game plan because our ducks have been disappearing at a steady pace, but I wanted to catch it on camera.  Here is the incriminating evidence 🙂


Touring Cyclists learn cheesemaking at Acres Wild

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Anita and Stuart - Resized - Small

Anita and Stuart have been cycling for almost 4 months, firstly across Europe (UK to Istanbul) and now will cycle for a couple of months in India.  They decided to spend a few days with us and learn cheesemaking.  Anita also writes a blog about cheeses where ever they travel.  The cheeses were made but the big question was how were they to carry them back on their cycle all over India before they final head home for the U.K.!  So luckily Tina came up with the idea that we would send it to their last destination in Kolkata.  And that was safely achieved.  We are waiting to hear from Anita and Stuart how the cheeses taste when they get back home.  Do check out their blog too at


TEDxKCG Chennai – The Third Curve

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The Third Curve - Peak Oil and End of Growth

I spoke once more at another TEDx function.  This one was called TEDxKCG and organised by the KCG group in Chennai.  I made some improvements on my last TED presentation and I had a much better response.  It will be posted on the net soon.

My talk was again called ‘The Third Curve’ which deals with the incompatibility of our exponential economic growth paradigm and the finite resources on our planet.


Forest Department plants trees at Acres Wild

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Acres Wild Farm was chosen by Forest Department to plant 5000 shola trees. This is part of a campaign to plant 5 lakh trees on the Chief Ministers birthday. Here you can see the local counselors helping us plant the trees. The forest department gave us the 2 year old saplings free of cost of course. Now the tough part is to ensure that they don’t become easy fodder for the bison and our cows 🙂