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Organic Cheesemaking Farmstay in Coonoor, Nilgiris, India.


Panoramic Photos

These are photographs that you can pan around and see in different directions.  Just click on the wide photo or blue link below to see the panoramic photo.  you can turn the photo around by holding left mouse button and dragging or use the controls at the bottom of the photo.

Farmhouse Ext Full

Farmhouse Exterior - This 360 degree panorama is taken from just in front of the almost complete farmhouse. As you pan right you will see the valley and mountain that faces Acres Wild farm.   All the roads seen are within Acres wild.   The lower road passes Pond No 2 and goes to the lower cottage that can be seen under construction.

Farmhouse Int Hall

Farmhouse Living Area- Inside of our farmhouse.  On either side we can see the corridor (with book shelves recessed) leading to the bedrooms.   There is a central open fireplace on which we often have barbeques fairly successfully.

Farmstay Homestay Cottage Room Accommodation on Farm in Coonoor Ooty Nilgiris

Haloumi House Exterior- Our latest cottage. It is a two room cottage at the top of the property.   As you pan right you can first see Cheddar House far below and then our farmhouse in the foreground below.   Then after you pan more you can see the cheesemaking cottage.  This pan is taken from inside the gazebo which is in front of Haloumi House.



Pano Cow Shed

Cow Shed - Actually the grandest structure on the farm and accommodates 10 cows and a few calves. It is made of adobe mud bricks from suitable mud from the farm.  It has an overhead loft for the grass - you can see the windows high up. As you pan right you can see the half complete cheese cottage and below that is the farmhouse under construction.

Pano New Cottage Exterior

Panoramic View from First Cottage - This is from almost the top of the property and was taken at a time when none of the other structures were started. Even the road is still mud as you can see. This road is the top of 3 levels of roads in the farm.

Pano New Cottage Interior

First Cottage Interior - The interior of the cottage is complete and has a kitchen, dining and bedroom all in one space. Bathroom is attached too. So a very compact self sufficient cottage.

Pano Lower Cottage

View around Lower Staff Cottage- at the lower end of the farm this cottage is made of adobe bricks with suitable mud from the farm. Next to this staff cottage we are building a 2 room cottage for guests.  It faces the valley that looks down to Mettapalayam. We have left most of the tea around here as it is in better shape and looks great. Up on the left is where the farmhouse and cheese cottage have been constructed but not seen here.