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Face paint for Holi dance
Final touches to face makeup
Makeup for Holi Dance
How is my makeup
I cant live without my glasses.
Dancers dressed on way to Holi Dance
Holi Dancers on road
Dancers stop cars for Holi Tax
Stop that car.  We mean business
Dancers reach the Holi Site for the All-Night Event
Quite a display
Tribal Drum
Hip Bells
Tribal Percussion Instrument
Dancers Unite
Dancers in a line
Dont get scared.  We are friendly natives.
Dont miss the photo frames on the headgear
Massive local drum in Narmada Valley Holi Festival
Fancy hat.
Fierce display by dancers with bows and arrows
Medha watching the Holi Dancers in Narmada Valley
Damsel in yellow sari and the warriors
Holi Lit at Dawn
Dancers and drummers
Dancers circling the rising flames of Holi fire burning in Narmada Valley
Huge Drum - one of the dozens playing simultaneously
Colorful headgear of dancers around Holi Fire in Narmada Valley
Dancers around the Holi Fire as it starts
Dawn breaks at the Holi Fire site in Narmada Valley
Holi lit at Dawn 2
Day break at Holi dance site in Narmada Valley
Magic hour at dawn
Lets see who blinks first
Morning time
Dancers still active in the morning after the Holi Dance
I stayed awake all night too
No time for Breakfast. Still dancing
The Holi Site
Medha going to show us the destroyed Microhydel
Microhydel damaged by monsoon floods
Pipe leading water down to microhydel
Damaged microhydel
Waterfall that fed the Microhydel Plant
Waterfall closer
Some members of our troupe have a bath in Narmada waterfall
The boys relax in the Narmada tributary waterfall
Close of the Waterfall at the Microhydel site
Time for the Troop to Leave back up the River
Trudge down to the river
We come down in single file
The Narmada Tributary waits for us
Boats waiting for us to go
Boats waiting for us to leave
Local Ferry
Must have the drums on board too
In the boat finally
A local ferry on the Narmada
Boat on the Narmada river
You looking at me
Children of the Jeevan Shala on the Narmad
A stop at a village down the Narmada
Bridge over the Narmada River at Gandhi Ashes site in Bhadwani
The Narmada at Gandhi Site
Local craft in the Narmada
Site of Gandhis ashes on banks of Narmada in Bhadwani
Old Man in Bhadwani
Old man in Bhadwani - Close
Temple at Gandhi ashes site on banks of Narmada at Bhadwani
Temple interior at Gandhi ashes site on banks of Narmada at Bhadwani
Medha Patkar conducts a meeting to discuss state of affairs in the Narmada Struggle
Andolan Meet with Gautam Ghosh and Shreerupa
Gautam Ghosh absorbing a point Medha Patkar is making on the Andolan
Medha and Shreerupa discuss strategy in NBA Office Bhadwani
Gautam Ghosh makes a point to Medha Patkar

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