Up Kota Village Visit - Aug 2008 Slideshow

Kota Village Panorama
Kota Village Wilde
Black Cow - The Sacred Animal
The First Original Village House
Sacred Area with  House of Gods
Big and Small Daddy God Houses
Small Daddy God House
All Three God Houses on Sacred Area
God House
Big Daddy God House
Sacred Area Rear side
Sacres Area with Stones
Black Cow enjoys Sacred Area
Head Priests House
Head Priest House Side Shot
Stones that mark Congregation Area
Stone Markers
Stone Markers in Village
Very Useful Tree
The Wolf Family and Salim their friend and guide
Richard talks to Kota Lady
Kota Lady Close
Richard talks to Another Kota Lady
Kota Lady 2
Richard explaing the different areas of Kota Village
Design on Kota House door
Duryodhan our Host plays a tune
Duryodhan with Portable Flute he made
Kota Flute for Ceremonies
Oliver and Amy check out map of area
Duryodhan assembling his Ceremonial Flute
Duryodhan plays for us
Close of Duryodhan playing tradional Kota instrument
Richard claps to demonstrate the beat
Richard demonstrates 10 beat bar
Duryodhan lost in a tune
Small Kota flute
Traditional Kota Musical Instrument
Duryodhan Plays with reservoir in background
Duryodhan and Oliver relax near a sacred mound
Our team returns from the hill
Good looking Kota Goat
Kota Goat gives us the Eye
Kota House Int - Lunch Time
Richard talks to our hostess, wife of Duryodhan
Amy and Tina wait for local Kota Lunch
Kota Lady with a lovely voice sings for us
Kota lady singing old traditional song for us
Amy decides to try out Kota hairstyle
Kota Lady working on Amys Kota hair style
Kota hairstyle almost done
Finishing touches to Kota hairstyle
Amy poses for us
Local plant used in Kota hairstyle
Amy is dressed up as a Kota lady
Bangles for the Kota lady
Two Kota Ladies
Kota Shawl to complete the dress
Kota Ladies smiling at each other
Hairstyle with shawl and all

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