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Mansoor and Tina,

I couldn't ever possibly be any more jealous of people, than I am right now of you guys!!:-(...Man....a farm with a view..animals..children and cheese..!!...what else could one want in life huh!:-).....and choosing all this after showbiz in Bombay...hmm...thats quite a choice to make:-)

would love to visit your farm sometime when I can escape the clutches of dreary old Hyderabad......

just one question.....the fishes for your ponds....are those native species that you are considering?...and have you people started growing herbs too?....I'm sure you could do great with herbs in the Blue hills...
1 November 2006 09:50am - Hyderabad
Mansoor's Reply - Hi Adarsh,

I try to remember at least one time everyday how lucky I am. Easy to forget.
About the fish - we are definitey considering native species. Have done some basic research but have to actually go to the local fisheries dept and see what they have to say. We are growing our own herbs for the cheese. Fennel was a big hit but we had some trouble growing that but now we have managed - if the hens leave it alone :-)
Wishing you all the luck to escape Hyderabad for a while and visit us.