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You have reached the right page if  you are looking for Homemade Gourmet Cheesemaking Lessons in India. 

Cheese Slices, the television program on Travel & Living, has made gourmet cheesemaking very popular in India.  I am sure you are tempted to explore the exciting world of making cheese.  You can learn how to make Gourmet Artisan cheese in just 2 days by taking our compact 2 day cheesemaking course. The course fees is per person.

Our cheesemaking course is available ONLY to guests who stay in our farmstay.  There are no fixed dates for the course but according to when you come and stay with us. The basic course is a 2 day course.Guests have to inform us at the time of booking the farmstay room if they are interested in taking a cheesemaking class as we have to make prior arrangements.

We categorise the cheeses into 3 types - soft cheeses, hard cheeses and advanced cheeses.   Each category has a particular style of making.  All our cheeses are vegetarian as they are made using microbial coagulant and not rennet.

In the 2 day course you learn 2 cheeses of your choice.  If you want to learn how to make more cheeses then you can add additional days - one day per cheese that you would like to learn.

List of Hard Cheeses: Gouda, Colby, Monterey Jack, Havarti, Cheddar, Gruyere, Caerphilly, Romano, Parmesan

List of Advanced Cheeses: Feta, Haloumi, Mozarella, Camembert.

PLEASE NOTE: There are no cheese classes on Sundays. Basic course needs 2 full days from 10am to 7 pm in the evening. Course fees is per person. Do factor this in your plans as you need to be here by 10 am on your day of arrival to start the course that day..

Day 1 - Basic Theory, Equipment, and  Making Soft Flavoured Cheese

Basic Theory



Things that go into Cheesemaking

How to Pasteurize Milk

All about Rennet

Unchlorinated Water

Starter Cultures

Cheese Salt


Use of Calcium Chloride

Rind Development


Lipase Powder

Bacteria and Molds



Equipment Essentials

Cleaning and Caring for your Equipment


Making a Soft Flavoured Cheese


Sterlising equipment

Pasteurizing milk

Adding Culture

Adding Microbial Rennet

Cutting the curd

Hanging the curd overnight.

Adding flavour the next day in the soft cheese.


Day 2 - Techniques and Making a Hard Cheese

Techniques in Cheesemaking



Direct Heating - Stovetop

Indirect Heating - Water Bath.

Adding Starter


Bacteria and Molds


Cutting the curds

Cooking the curds










Bacteria and Mold-Ripened Cheese


Acidity Testing

Storing Cheese.

Making a hard Cheese

Sterlising equipment

Pasteurizing milk

Adding Culture

Adding Microbial Rennet

Cutting the curd

Heating the curd

Pressing the curd

Removing final cheese from mold next day.


Cheesemaking Facilities:

We will give you all the necessary equipment, 35-page Course Manual, cheese cultures, microbial coagulant (like rennet but vegetarian) and 5 lts of milk for making each cheese.

You can also buy a cheese press (Photo Below) from us to take home for your home cheesemaking:


Cheese Press for Chessemaking Course Students

Cheese Press (Colander)


Class Timings

The cheese making classes are from 10 am in the morning till about 6 pm in the evening with gaps in between for theory classes, lunch break and tea break.

The Cheese You Make

At the end of the course you are welcome to take the cheese you made along with you.  If it is a hard cheese then you will have to figure out how to keep it in a cool setting (around 20 deg C max) for at least a period of 1 month for it to mature.  The soft cheese, feta and haloumi you can eat either immediately or in a few days.

We will instruct you how to take care of the cheese for this time by cleaning the rind by removing extra mold formation.


The Cheesemaking Class Fees is only for the cheesemaking course and does not include the room tariff etc.

You have to be staying with us to avail of the cheesemaking course.  Please book rooms of your choice seperately.

Course Item


Amount ( Rs.)

(not including accommodation or food)

Basic 2 Day Course 8,000/-
Each Extra Cheese/Day 3,000/-


Government taxes apply and at present are 12.5% on the above mentioned amounts.

Extra Days of Cheesemaking Course

For those of you who are interested in learning additional kinds of cheeses we can add extra course days at additional costs mentioned in table above.


Cheesemaking Supplies

We get most of our supplies of culture and coagulants (rennet substitute) from Essdee Marketing in Pune. Their details are below:

Bharat Kagal

415-C Gokhale Road
Model Colony
Pune - 411 016


Tel: +91 20-3-240-0385
Mob: +91 90962-00348